Thrust bearings are good to manage thrust (axial) loads and provide high-shock-load resistance in a variety of applications. We offer basic thrust bearing types: ball, cylindrical, machined tapered, stamped tapered, and needle.

Product Description

Genuine China Thrust Bearings Supplier – HizoBearing

Qingdao Hizob Bearing Co. Ltd. is a quality Thrust bearings supplier from China which are specially designed by using flat seats or aligning seats. These both the flat or aligning characteristics purely depend on the shape of the external ring seat. We supply durable quality thrust bearings that can carry on the axial loads excluding radial loads.

Types of Thrust Ball Bearings:

Hizob Bearing has been famous in manufacturing two types of China thrust bearings generally known as Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearings and Double Direction Thrust Ball Bearings.

Single Direction Thrust Bearings:

Hizob is devoted in manufacturing single thrust bearing that includes shaft washer, housing washer along with a ball and a cage assembly. These thrust ball bearings are capable of putting up the axial loads and place shaft axially in single direction only.

Double Direction Thrust Bearings:

Our company is well known Thrust bearings supplier; having  dual direction bearings in our stock that includes shaft washer and two housing washers along with two ball and cage assemblies. The ball bearings and cage assemblies with housing washers are in double direction that is alike to those that are employed in single direction bearings. These thrust bearings are capable to contain axial loads and position shaft axially in double directions.

Features of Thrust Ball Bearings:

Hizo Bearing is a genuine Chinese ball bearing supplier; supplying relevant bearings to the customers so that these China thrust bearings can be used in different machines according to single and double directional capabilities. These genuine thrust bearings possess certain features that are given below:

  • Thrust bearings are accessible in two designs single and dual directions.
  • Designed to provide high quality ultra steel to expand the life of bearing.
  • We use quality grade balls to provide smooth services at high speed.
  • The possible seating rings obtain original misalignment.
  • We design spherical aligning seats for putting up the original misalignment in assembly.