Spherical Roller Bearings

Spherical roller bearings are non separable double row radial bearings. Both rows of barrel shaped rollers rotate, in parallel , within the spherical outer ring. This allows an excellent alignment compensation , caused by machining and mounting errors, between the shaft and housing. Better load distribution. More surface area. Reduced friction. Stronger cages. Lower operating temperatures.Better contaminant purging.

Product Description

Authentic Roller Bearing Supplier – Hizob Bearing

Qingdao Hizob Bearing Co. Ltd. has been a supreme Roller Bearing supplier from China. We are engaged in supplying the wide range of spherical roller bearings to our customers. These spherical bearings are specially designed to offer high performance and quality productivity.

Two Rows Spherical Roller Bearings

Hizob Bearing is identified as the authentic roller bearings supplier. We have specially designed two rows spherical roller bearing that has an ordinary sphere with external ring shaft and also has two internal ring shafts that incline at the specific angle to the bearing axis. The central position of the sphere in the external ring shaft is at the bearing axis. Consequently, the bearings are self-making it parallel and tactless to misalignment of the raceway comparative to the covering, which can be sourced, for instance, by raceway deflection. Special roller bearings are manufactured to enclose solemn radial loads and the heavy axial loads in dual directions.

Unique Features of Bearings:

Hizob is supremely a well recognized Roller bearing supplier, and there are unique designs of the spherical bearings in our stock. These bearings have the most noticeable features of the roller bearing. The internal piece of the external raceway is manufactured with a curved in depression, while the external division of the internal shaft is offered with a convex flange. The two rows of barrel twisted spherical rollers that are seized jointly by a cage in an approach which balanced the outline of the roller shafts. Thus, these bearings are continually reorienting themselves alongside the spherical shaft of the external ring. Dissimilar types of bearings such as spherical roller bearings are unable to disassemble.


Hizobearing has been recognized as Roller bearing supplier and have a wide range of roller bearings in stock that are non-separable dual row radial bearings. These roller bearings have barrel outlined rollers that are capable of rotating in parallel and within the spherical external ring. It permits a complete alignment compensation that is made efficient by machining and mounting errors in between the raceways. It serves its best for better load sharing. Moreover, the surface area is very effective for reducing friction.

Size range:

ID 50 to 500 mm

OD 110 to 670 mm

Wide Stock of Hizobearing: