Product Description

Find Best Price Deals From Deep Grove Ball Bearings Manufacturer

HIZOB Bearing is highly Deep Grove Ball Bearings Manufacturer is one of the authentic makers of different bearing products. These Deep Grove bearings includes of an inner and outer ring having a cage consisting of a balanced precision balls. With the construction of deep groove bearings, they are capable of handling wide range of radial and axial loads in dual directions.

Hizob bearing is genuine; supplying quality ball bearings to our customers that are specially constructed to provide flexible and resourceful designs. These bearings are permitted to work effectively in high  speed applications. In addition, these standard deep grove bearings are designed to fulfill various requirements. We offer wide range of special designs, made by using quality metal material. We have the following Size range available in our stock:5 mm – 8000 mm

Design Attributes of Ball Bearings:

• Grove Ball Bearings are designed in special seal that are supportive for lubrication and contamination out.
• Snap ring grooves are offered to shorten mounting.
• Seals and shielding configurations help internal bearing components and retain lubricants that are available to provide wide range of applications.

Applications of Deep Grove Bearings:

Our manufactured bearings are serving in different industries and we are providing the best Deep Grove ball bearings to provide services in the following industries with success.
• Agriculture
• Automotive
• Chemical
• General industrial
• Utilities

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