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Our Company

Our Company

Qingdao Hizob Bearing Co. Ltd. is admirable as China Bearings Supplier company; manufacturing various types of China Bearings. We use skilled technical employees in designing and manufacturing our quality products in different specifications. Our motive is to manufacture superior durable products to our domestic and international customers. Hizob is well known as Bearing China Supplier among our clients due to the advanced production and strict control system.


High Quality

Qingdao Hizob has a distinguished name as China Bearings Supplier and is supplying quality products. We are jointly working with the cooperation of German technology for about a decade. We are committed to supplying durable China Bearings to provide outstanding services with vibration resisting performance. We have consistently focused on manufacturing high-quality bearing China that is making an enormous market.

our promise

Our Promise

Our company is enthusiastic to manufacture Ball Bearings China according to the requirements of our customers as we prefer them immensely. That’s why we are popular among our clients as Bearing China Supplier. We make sure to serve them quality products on time through our:

  • Strategic supervision of our Company
  • Consistently meeting customers’ requirement
  • Continuously improving of our processes

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